We use waterfall air-in shower to create three kinds of luxury shower combinations, and choose customized solutions for your personal shower room.

Matt Black, no fingerprints left

We are eager to enjoy the relaxation brought by the bathroom. Walked into the bathroom you can feel the unique style of the perfect design. Pure white marble products plus mysterious black embellishment, endowed with personality and romantic emotional appeal, bring the enjoyment the simple and quietness of the water.


Matt Black, a full set of matching makes the bathroom design unique and romantic. Without leaving any fingerprints, clever design and easy to clean help you with the troublesome cleaning work and no worries about cleaning after bathing.


Flat as mirror, flows like waterfall

Full of imagination and postmodernism by their big mirror plane and waterfall outflow, making up a showering surprise.

Longing for the visions of nature waterfall, its perfect arc, its unruly, and its natural beauty. CASCADE gives us a unique experience, let us stand under a waterfall and become a combination with the nature.


Stems from the unique nature way of water outlet and given dynamic pressure constant current technology, faucet enables the water not affected by the water pressure, being natural and full.

Stable flow under fluctuant pressure

The perfect combination of technological design and creativity, wide waterfalls outlet is like placing yourself in the nature, and feel the same, you can fully experience the luxury quality.